About Us

Wolff Companies’ headquarters at 20 Briar Hollow Lane

For over 40 years, Wolff Companies has been a leader in Houston real estate, investing in land and developing thousands of acres of high-quality, master-planned mixed-use business environments.

We believe that a hallmark of our company is vision: the ability to see the potential of land when others may not. We apply foresight, experience, commitment and financial strength to implement high-caliber, sound development plans that enhance land value, and create sites where strong, long-term real estate improvements can take place.

Preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of each property is a critical element of the projects we undertake and guide. Taking a long-term view of values, we are respectful of the land in order to realize its full potential.

Our developments have been recognized by such organizations as the American Society of Landscape Architects, the American Institute of Architects, The Texas Forest Service, Trees for Houston, Keep Houston Beautiful and the Municipal Art Commission for achieving a meticulous balance between the ever-changing demands of commerce while preserving and/or enhancing the natural features of the properties we own.

We carefully craft deed restrictions and development guidelines to ensure that the built environment will continue to offer high-quality surroundings for decades to come while, at the same time, creating settings which embrace the technological infrastructure required to meet the communications and business needs of the future.

Today Wolff Companies is one of the leading land development and investment companies in the Southwest. While others have come and gone, we are grateful to have survived and prospered.

What is the potential of a piece of land today…tomorrow…20 years from now? How a property is positioned, managed, improved and maintained makes all the difference.

David S. Wolff, Chairman and President